About the OSLC


The Okanagan Sustainability Leadership Council (OSLC) is a non-profit BC Society dedicated to the sustainabtle development of the Okanagan region, and to the protection and regeneration of the fragile ecosystems upon which all life in the Valley depends.

This initiative was the result of a leadership dinner hosted by UBCO at the Summerhill Winery in May of 2018. The subject was Sustainability in the Okanagan Valley. We brought together academicians, politicians, business and industry leaders, green builders, community activists and First Nations representatives to discuss how we can help assure the sustainable development of our region in the face of a rapid population growth and global climate change.

OSLC First Meeting

Interest by the participants was so enthusiastic that we decided to form an ongoing leadership council, modeled on the Okanagan Partnership, to bring our various talents and expertise to bear on the most crucial issue facing our region. Over the course of the last several months we formed a BC Society, defined our mission, vision and values, and have identified a number of key strategic initiatives to be undertaken.

“Ecology and economy are two sides of the same golden coin. We don’t need to flip it, we need to save it for future generations.”

- David Saltman, Chairman
Okanagan Sustainability Leadership Council