Mission, Vision, Values


  • To be a network, a catalyst and a culture dedicated to making the Okanagan Valley a resilient, sustainable, regenerative and joyous place to live, work and play.
  • To be a source of inspiration and thought leadership for initiatives, policies and organizations that galvanize our diverse resources in support of sustainable outcomes.
  • To attract and retain people of various talents and expertise, with mechanisms that enable us to share ideas, engage citizenry, and measure our success.


By leveraging our individual talents and collective stewardship we can help to restore a healthy balance between human development and the natural ecosystems upon which all life depends. In so doing we will create a prosperous, inclusive society in the Okanagan, one that is more resilient, self-reliant, innovative and agile in dealing with the challenges of rapid growth and global climate change.



We are dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Okanagan watershed, basing our actions on sound science and indigenous knowledge.


We will involve community activists, civic leaders, researchers and academicians, business and industry partners, and First Nations leaders in our pursuits.


We will foster a culture of collaboration, creativity, inclusiveness and diversity… balancing social, environmental and economic priorities to bring about change.


We will maintain a sense of wonder and optimism, curiosity and discovery in the pursuit of creative solutions to the challenges of sustainable development.