Bringing Our Food System Home: Report on the Okanagan Bioregion Food System Project


About the Okanagan Bioregion Food System Project

Strengthening regional food systems is often proposed to address many of our food system’s challenges. However, there is a lack of data-driven information about the of economic, environmental, and social benefits and trade-offs of regional food systems. The Okanagan Bioregion Food System Project provides this information to local governments and communities to support dialogue, decision-making and planning in the Okanagan around sustainable, resilient food and food systems that nurture our communities now and into the future.

The project explores the economic, environmental stewardship, and food self-reliance potentials of a more regionalized food system in the Okanagan. The project uses scenarios to highlight key trends and trade-offs embedded in our food system decisions.

The project was informed by community consultation and guided by an advisory committee including public health dieticians, local policymakers, and farmers.

A series of webinars will be hosted in June to share and discuss project results.


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