Community Toolkit for Rights of Nature

Annotation 2021-12-29 142031

Earth Law Centre

This Toolkit aims to concisely summarize the history, drivers, and results of the Rights of Nature movement in U.S. communities. We hope it will provide useful guidance as you consider expanding the protection of your local ecosystems and species.

The content of this Toolkit includes:
• Brief history of Rights of Nature
• How does Rights of Nature work?
• Rights of Nature in the U.S.: A review of Rights of Nature resolutions and laws
already adopted by local governments in the United States
• Challenges to a Rights of Nature approach
• Implementing Rights of Nature
• How Earth Law Center can help
• Additional Notes

Those using this Toolkit may already be thinking about community resilience in the face of a deteriorating planet. Perhaps you have already taken steps to safeguard the vitality of your community. But you might need guidance on how to implement new forms of environmental governance, particularly where rooted in the Rights of Nature, within your unique community. With these considerations in mind, this Toolkit seeks to inform your efforts through a collection of insights, including wisdom from frontlines practitioners, on how to harmonize local governance with the needs of Nature.

This Toolkit has been created for communities who want to expand their role in the protection of Nature through the passing of Rights of Nature laws at the local level.  Earth Law Center works to transform the law to recognize, honor, and protect Nature’s inherent rights to exist, thrive, and evolve. Earth Law Center also thanks the work of experts in the UN Harmony with Nature Knowledge Network who have initiated important activities to support the United Nations with the goal of ensuring that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with Nature, as set out in target 12.8 of the Sustainable Development Goals in its Dec 2018 resolution A/RES/73/235.


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