Emerging Economy Task Force Final Report – March 2020

Okanagan sunset

Background (from preface): “We were given a unique mandate to examine the current state of B.C.’s economy and provide analysis and advice on trends that will change the nature of business and society over the next 10 to 25 years and propose recommendations to ensure B.C. stays at the forefront of emerging economic developments. Through our work, we collected and analyzed data and information from a range of sources on important trends, issues and opportunities that may shape the future economy in B.C.

Executive Summary: “This report recommends action in the following 5 strategic priorities, in order to “realize the vision of a flourishing future economy that is based on a strong foundation of well-being and a healthy environment for everyone in British Columbia”. 1. Embracing Technology and Innovation 2. Leveraging B.C.’s Green Economy 3. Building a Highly Skilled and Adaptable Workforce 4. Ensuring an Effective Enabling Ecosystem 5. Demonstrating Public Sector Leadership”