Community Resilience and Wellbeing Amid the Climate Crisis

Universities or other institutions wanting to better support community wellbeing in relation to the climate crisis can now draw upon the findings of a new PICS-supported report, released this fall. The Community Resilience and Wellbeing Amid the Climate Crisis report has been written by Meghan Wise, a University of British Columbia (UBC) Sustainability Scholar, with the support of the UBC Climate Hub, UBC Wellbeing and…

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Okanagan sunset

Emerging Economy Task Force Final Report – March 2020

Background (from preface): “We were given a unique mandate to examine the current state of B.C.’s economy and provide analysis and advice on trends that will change the nature of business and society over the next 10 to 25 years and propose recommendations to ensure B.C. stays at the forefront of emerging economic developments. Through our work, we collected and…

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Marking the Way: How Legislating Climate Milestones Clarifies Pathways to Long-Term Goals

Report by Canadian Institute for Climate Choices sets down how “climate accountability frameworks can help bridge the gap between medium- and long-term goals and the policy action required to achieve them. They break long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets into interim milestones. They establish clear governance structures and processes for linking milestones to policy actions. And they hold governments…

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Leading Economists: Green Coronavirus Recovery also Better for Economy

New research, based on interviews with more than 200 economists and economic officials, suggests that spending money on climate-friendly “green” policy initiatives could not only help shift the world closer to a net-zero emissions pathway, but could also offer the best economic returns for government spending.  Check the summary here, full report available here. Download the workingpaper20-02.

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Ecosystem Services and their Valuation

Healthy, functioning ecosystems are our natural capital and are essential for our quality of life & well-being…

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